How to Use Moon Magick to Manifest Your Goals

Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the moon. I remember sitting in front of my window at night, staring at the moon and trying to see if it was quite full yet or noticing if it was a tiny crescent. I didn’t know anything about the moon phases but I observed the changes. Maybe you are like I was and you are fascinated by the moon but you have no idea where to start.

The moon is full of powerful magick that you can learn to harness for yourself! You can use the energy and make the moon work for you to manifest your goals and dreams. All you have to do is have a basic understanding of what each phrase means and how you can be taking advantage of the energy.

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How does this all work, you ask? Well, if you think about it, the phase of the moon affects the tide of the ocean and if our bodies are made of about 60% water, it only makes sense that the moon would affect us too! Our bodies are more connected to nature than many of us realize. We are not separate from nature, but we are a part of it.

Like the moon, we also go through phases. You cannot possibly be “on” all the time, even though this is expected of us in our world today. Ever wonder why so many people are sick and exhausted? We don’t listen to our bodies and honor the natural cycles anymore. Especially if you menstruate, you can observe this every month. And if you really pay attention, you may notice that at certain times in your cycle you have more energy, and other times you have less. It is the same with the moon.

In this article, I will give you a brief overview of what you can expect for the four main phases of the moon and how you can use the energy of each phase for manifestation.

Understanding the Phases of the Moon

New Moon

Ahh, the New Moon. This is such an underrated moon phase in witchcraft. We tend to focus on the Esbats, or the Full Moons, but the New Moon is of equal importance. 

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and setting goals, so pull out those bullet journals and to-do lists and start writing! Some of the key themes of this phase are rebirth and renewal. If you need to start something, now is the perfect time to plan it. The energy is still low so you don’t want to start it just yet, but instead, make a plan for success.

This is a time for introspection and going within. Get out your journal and put away your hustle. It is time to rest and recuperate, not to be productive. Remember that rest is an equally important part of achieving results.

First Quarter Moon

Now the energy of the moon is waxing, so we will feel our own energy begin to pick up momentum. In the symbolism of the triple goddess figure, the First Quarter Moon represents The Maiden, young and full of life, but not quite grown up yet. Think of the First Quarter Moon as a young ambitious person taking action on their plans.

This is the phase when we focus on moving forward in a mindful way. How can you begin to put your New Moon intentions into practice? As we move closer to the Full Moon, you will gradually become more productive. Now that you are rested, you have the energy you need to accomplish your personal and professional goals!

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a favorite among witches and it’s not hard to guess why. The Full Moon is high in energy and bursting forth with creativity. In the symbolism of the triple goddess figure, the Full Moon represents The Mother in the fullest expression of herself, filling the world with life and creation.

This is a time to focus on the manifestation of your goals. Celebrate the goals you have manifested and check in with the goals that have not yet come to life. With the energy high, it is a great time to do some magick to give them a boost.

Last Quarter Moon

By the Last Quarter Moon phase, you should feel the energy start to wind down, coming off of the Full Moon high and moving toward the New Moon. In the symbolism of the triple goddess figure, the Last Quarter Moon represents The Crone in her infinite wisdom. 

This moon phase nudges us to let go of what no longer serves us. It is a good time to look back and examine what worked and what didn’t during the cycle so far, and make changes accordingly.

Reflect on the past month and mindfully decide what needs to be released in order to move forward. This way, when the New Moon comes again, you have an idea of what plans you will need to make.

Connecting with Moon Magick

These cycles are never-ending, which is what I love so much about Moon Magick! Every month is a chance to start fresh. If you make a mistake, you can always start again. Try Moon Magick out for yourself and I guarantee you will feel a difference. You will learn to connect the natural cycles of your body with the cycles of nature and manifesting your goals will come easy as you become more aligned.

Want to learn more about manifesting with the moon? Over the next few blog posts, I will go more into depth on things you can do to make the most of the unique energies of each moon cycle!

Written By: Sarah Esmae Wolfe @sarahesmaewolfe


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How to Use Moon Magick to Manifest Your Goals, The Witch's Guide



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    I just started a Moon Magic Journal and I feel that it is definitely helping to make magic in my own life. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Blessings.

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    Love the artice! I believe its so important to also keep a journal of the phases we go through the year, I was told once by a wise teacher that we cycle through the same things year after year and if we keep a journal we can sort of know whats to come in our lives! so I thought that was a good idea that I have always remembered and just wanted to share it with you!

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