About Green Witch Living

Hello! Welcome to Green Witch Living, a space dedicated to living the life of a green witch and practicing herbalism and plant magick. My name is Feather and I'm the creator behind Green Witch Living. I'm an intuitive herbalist, an organic gardener, and a green witch.

I've always been drawn to nature and the power of plants, and have been practicing green witchcraft and herbalism for over 25 years. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I spent many years working in a hospital as a registered nurse and when my husband and I decided to adopt our first child, I made the move from corporate america to working for myself. I've always had dreams of becoming an entrepeneur. It has given me the flexibility and autonomy to stay at home with my children, and has allowed me to stay true to my calling of helping others.

I've always been drawn to the natural elements and spent most of my childhood outside, exploring the forest and creeks nearby. I contribute a large part of my plant teachings to my mother, who was an avid gardener and green witch at heart. I believe through the practice of everyday magick and a deep connection with plant allies, life holds more meaning. And it's my goal to share this with you.

As a green witch, I believe in connecting with the earth to create a holistic life, full of magick and wellness. If you're seeking a life that is consciously rooted in nature, one where you feel nature is at the center of your core, you've come to the right place.

My passion is sharing how to transform the everyday into a magickal experience with the help of the plant world. When we seek to be consciously rooted in nature, everything else comes together, like magick!

At Green Witch Living, we offer a range of handmade and ethically sourced products for green witchcraft. Our products are carefully crafted with intention and are designed to support and enhance your herbal journey.

Whether you are a just beginning your journey as a green witch, or are a seasoned practitioner, we hope that you will find something here that resonates with you and supports your practice.

Have a look around and explore our offerings in the shop. I'm best known for my teachings in the Green Witch Living course, a year long journey created to bridge the gap between herbalism and green witchcraft.

Thanks for being here and supporting our efforts to bring the magick of green witchcraft into the world.

Many Blessings,



Feather, Owner of Green Witch Living