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Beautiful Carnelian that I intend to make into jewelry. I love your shop

Patchouli Leaf, Organic | Freedom, Attraction, Passion

Purity Tealights

Lovely scent. Lasted much longer than I expected. I’m very happy with these and have tried more tealights and they’re all wonderful!

Apothecary Herbs

All the herbs I received are very fresh with amazing aroma! I’m very happy with Green Witch Living!



Green Ritual Salts with Patchouli

I am extremely happy with this product. The fragrance is lovely. The packaging of the product, and the entire shipping order as well, is high quality. It felt like opening a gift and not a purchase. Will definitely buy again.

Tree to be Planted
Elena Brookes (Ventura, US)
Happy to plant a tree!

Love all the herbs I purchased and also felt good to pay $1.00 for a tree to be planted!

Energy and smell was everything needed and point

Aragonite Crystal, Tumbled Brown | Eco Friendly Lifestyle
Mountain Ametica Credit Union Sandra Hardman (Salt Lake City, US)

Aragonite Crystal, Tumbled Brown | Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Yellow Ritual Salts with Lemongrass

I am extremely satisfied with this product. The product itself is high quality and the scent is wonderful. The packaging of this product, and of my entire order in general, was amazing. Opening the package, I felt more like I was receiving a gift than a purchase. I would definitely buy this again, and I highly recommend this shop.

She is lovely

I was surprised when I received her and she was so dark I couldn’t really see the details. I purchased a mini spotlight for the shelf I bought
I bought for and that solved the problem. She does need light to clearly see her beauty.

Tree Agate Crystal, Tumbled | Conservation, Earth Awareness
Mountain Ametica Credit Union Sandra Hardman (West Jordan, US)

Tree Agate Crystal, Tumbled | Conservation, Earth Awareness


Bought a bunch of different herbs and I could not be happier!!! Amazing quality and will definitely be returning

Smoky Quartz Crystal, Tumbled | EMF Protection
Mountain Ametica Credit Union Sandra Hardman (West Jordan, US)

Love all the stones I received

Love this shop!

Great service. Very thoughtful and insightful, my order was packed beautifully.

Just perfect

All of your product are fresh looking. I can't wait to use it. Thank you. I will be making a purchase again.


I love my new clear quartz crystal cluster. It’s so beautiful and has made a great addition to my alter. I definitely recommend green witch living. The shipping was also fast.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendulum | Grounding Energy

Tree to be Planted
Stasha Eriksen (Fredrikstad, NO)
I think it is amazing!!

I am still waiting for my package, but I am patient :)
Just knowing that a tree is being planted on my behalf makes me so happy!

Second time buying the Rose & White sage herbal Smudge bundle

This s my second time buying this item because every product from Feather's store is very powerful. High vibration, and as a Reiki Master, I need it.

Awesome product

Better then I even expected! I love this shop and will be buying more soon

I was impressed

This shop really impressed me. Perfect items. Prices are so reasonable. Nice people. I will get other items as I can

I love the energy and power of this wand

What I can say about the good vibes of this store? I love adopted wands, stones, herbs, sprays with Feather because i can feel the love and good vibes. This wand help me out to clear out my space, myself, my quartz , my chakras. Thank you!


It is a beautiful little cluster that was in wrapped with care. Unfortunately due to the nature of shipping died flowers I did lose a couple stems but overall the value was TOP NOTCH for the price.

Plantain leaf

I absolutely love all of the herbs , their fresh n abundant.. I recommend for anyone to buy