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Smell is delicious

Omg i love this spray. I spread all over my house and makes me feel free. 1 bottle is not enough for me.


I was absolutely delighted when I opened my box of herbs! Loved the selection of herbs to choose from and appreciated the wealth of knowledge shared on the website. Already used some for a purification herbal incense and the quality of the herbs is great. Will be buying from here again!

Love these beautiful candles. You sure will notice the beautiful scent as it is very relaxed and warm scent.

Just addicted to this Prosperity spray. I use it all over my sheets,curtains and front door.

Loved these beautiful Candles. Must have in your house as it gives a lovely vibe to your home. I haven’t received my blessing prayer card. I had ordered 3 sets of these Candles.

I loved loved the Candles. Packaging was exceptional. Loved the positive vibes when I light these beautiful candles.would definitely buy more!!!

Really cool

The Mini Ganesha Statue I purchased is really cool.I like the shiny gold color and it looks good on my mantle.I am very happy with my purchase for sure.

Mojo Wishing Beans, Set of 7 | St. Joseph Natural Talisman, Good Luck
William Brashear (Port Richey, US)

Mojo Wishing Beans, Set of 7 | St. Joseph Natural Talisman, Good Luck

Tree to be Planted
Justin Lamb (Reno, US)
Really Happy

I am really happy about the tree being planted.Green Witch Living has done and is doing an excellent job of everything.Thank you Green Witch Living.

Pentagram Pendulum Mat | Divination, Altar Decor
Karen Suzzanne Renwick (Ithaca, US)

The Matt is perfect. I love the size of it. The markings ate clear to read with enough space between that there is no mistakes in the reading.

Exactly what I needed

The iron railroad spikes/home & property protection were exactly what I needed.I was having things banging and messing with my lights all over my house and now that I have the spikes all the annoying noises and activity has decreased substantially.I think whatever was banging and messing with my lights understands what the spikes are for.I am really grateful to Green Witch Living for having the iron spikes and getting them to me really quickly.

Tree to be Planted
Jennifer Thaxton (Hayden, US)
Great idea!

I gladly donated to plant a tree with my purchase, what a great idea!

Was Glad To Find These Spikes!

When I came across your awesome home warding spell, I worried about where I would possibly find railroad spikes? So I was glad that you actually sell them. I am definitely bookmarking your shop!

Amazing Poducts!

This was my first time ordering. Everything was packaged beautifully and they exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be ordering again!

4 Iron Railroad Spikes for Protection

I purchased the 4 iron railroad spikes for an energetic protection for my property and family from an awful neighbor. I was worried that they wouldn't come in time before we got buried in snow since I live in Northern Idaho. Once I contacted the seller, she was quick to respond and got them in the mail as soon as she could. I was able to get them in the ground at the 4 corners of my 5 acre property while reciting a protection spell before the snow came. Now time will tell if they will help keep us protected. The product is as described and were lovingly packaged, I am very happy with them!

Incense ropes

I love these! They don't produce a lot of smoke but smell so amazing! I have recommended these to a lot of friends.

Witches Burrs Curio | Sweetgum Balls | Removing Negativity, Protection

Beautiful Carnelian that I intend to make into jewelry. I love your shop

Patchouli Leaf, Organic | Freedom, Attraction, Passion

Purity Tealights

Lovely scent. Lasted much longer than I expected. I’m very happy with these and have tried more tealights and they’re all wonderful!

Apothecary Herbs

All the herbs I received are very fresh with amazing aroma! I’m very happy with Green Witch Living!



Green Ritual Salts with Patchouli

I am extremely happy with this product. The fragrance is lovely. The packaging of the product, and the entire shipping order as well, is high quality. It felt like opening a gift and not a purchase. Will definitely buy again.

Tree to be Planted
Elena Brookes (Ventura, US)
Happy to plant a tree!

Love all the herbs I purchased and also felt good to pay $1.00 for a tree to be planted!