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I love the energy and power of this wand

What I can say about the good vibes of this store? I love adopted wands, stones, herbs, sprays with Feather because i can feel the love and good vibes. This wand help me out to clear out my space, myself, my quartz , my chakras. Thank you!


It is a beautiful little cluster that was in wrapped with care. Unfortunately due to the nature of shipping died flowers I did lose a couple stems but overall the value was TOP NOTCH for the price.

Plantain leaf

I absolutely love all of the herbs , their fresh n abundant.. I recommend for anyone to buy


I ordered 3 different kinds of tea light candles and I absolutely love them all. Definitely will be buying more!

Clear Quartz tumbled crystal

A beautiful, warming and wonderful stone.

Garnet Crystal Pyramid | Amplify Other Crystals
Sherri Ellington (Hampton, US)
Great results

Not only did my carefully chosen stones and pyramids work for the specific spellwork I bought them for, they are absolutely beautiful! The quality is fabulous and the prices are reasonable. Thank you for sending exactly what I needed. (In case you were wondering, I use them to protect my sleep so I can dreamwalk in peace. My husband doesn't even realize he's been "blocked" from interfering. He thinks they're just pretty new additions to my collection that I just happen to keep by my bedside.) 21 days and counting!

Smudging herbs and shell

I was very pleased with the products I received. They were exactly as expected and I have been enjoying them immensely. I would definitely purchase more products from Green Witch Living!

Love your Packaging

Your products have nice packaging. Love, Love!!

Amazing experience

Got all my ordered products in a timely manner. Adorable packaging with a handwritten note. Would hands down order again. Herbs were just what I hoped for!!

Love it

My order of crystals was for my daughter, who is recovering from colon cancer. I was very pleased with the quality of the stones, and loved the little bags they came in. They came in a timely manner and I very much appreciated the handwritten thank you on my invoice. Thank you!

High John Root

I love green witch and it’s a nice root that I received!

Wonderful Product

All your products are beautifully packaged and quality. Love your selections. Will purchase again.

Bloodstone Crystal Pendulum | Purification, Energy Flow
John Colarusso (The Bronx, US)
Pendulum is perfection!

This perfectly carved six sided crystal is as beautiful as it is functional. Use it for yes or no answers or place it on a chakra, uses are only limited by your imagination. It arrived wrapped so lovingly I thought it was my birthday!

My Fluorite Crystal Obelisk

I decided to order the Fluorite Crystal Obelisk. Recently I have felt the need for this particular crystal due to its properties of strength and protection. It is a pretty piece of Fluorite and it sits on my desk because that is where I am every day for a few hours. I feel the purchase was a good one. The quality is nice and the value is a great one. I am happy with it.

Prehnite Crystal Pendulum | Healing, Balance
Deborah (Pueblo, US)
Very pretty

So unique and beautiful! Very happy with it!

Tree of Life incense burner Plate

Beautiful addition to my alter. I can also bring it to any place in my home for candle or incense burning.

Mugwort smudge bundle

High quality product. I am enjoying my purchase.

Shungite crystal

What a lovely tumbled stone! It has a great energy about it and I plan to use it often. It came beautifully prepared and the organza bag made a pretty package. Thanks for the lovely ID card that came with it!

Brass pendulum

Very nice like the little compartment. Got some rose petals in it. I’m not understanding how it works still because it’s not Tom Crystal but it does. It’s nice.

Wonderful Product

I love this product. It was packaged nicely. It was in perfect condition herb. Great product!! Thank you.

Order satisfaction

This item was delivered to me on time and was well packaged. I can't wait to make another order, thanks very much.

Tree to be Planted
Michael Ward (St Louis, US)

Tree to be Planted

Tree to be Planted
Michael Wayte (Westville, US)

Tree to be Planted

Prehnite Crystal Pendulum | Healing, Balance
Tammie Dorn (Durand, US)

I love it very nice the crystal makes it all worth it.

Online purchase

High level product. great prices, we will be repurchasing Thank you!