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Iron Railroad spikes are the ultimate way to make your property more protected.

Smoky Quartz

I specifically ordered this bc I am new to crystals and it stated that the smoky quartz is good to draw dark energy in. I also shared some w a friend of mine and he loves them too!

Juniper Berries, Organic | Fertility, Love, Sensuality

Packed and labeled wonderfully

Wonderful presentation of the products, fast delivery and clear understanding of purpose.

Orange Peel, Organic | Love, Luck, Prosperity

The Iron Railroad spikes are the best way to get your property protected🙌🏻 These Railroad spikes are very heavy and you can feel the weight on them.

Tree to be Planted
Shawn Eaton (Kansas City, US)

Tree to be Planted

This green ritual salt is exactly what I wanted! It has a clean, earthy scent and it has amazing energy! I couldn't be any happier with my entire shopping experience, with Green Witch Living! Good stuff! Highly recommend!

Perfect! This ritual salt smells divine and it emits a beautiful, strong energy! My entire experience with GWL exceeded my expectations! I'm a customer for life now!

Absolutely perfect in every way! Superior ritual salt! It has a lovely aroma, the esthetics are gorgeous and its energy is joyful and potent! I highly recommend this item! Packaging was environmentally friendly! The seller is extremely knowledgeable, responsible and highly qualified. Good vibes all around with Green Witch Living! I'll be back for more!

Wow! Good stuff!! I'm extremely happy with my purchase! Everything was packaged beautifully and carefully. Order shipped out quickly! Lovely extras were included in my box! High quality items! Very potent Witches Black Salt! Hands down, one of the best witchy shops on Etsy!

This Blessings Smudge Ritual Spray is hands down my favorite spray of all time! No BS! It's the real deal and I'm so very grateful! The amazingly positive energy that it releases is mesmerizing! I wish I would have purchased two bottles!! It truly smells divine! I highly recommend this GWL spray!

Absolutely perfect Red Ritual Salt!! This and everything else I ordered from GWL has exceeded my expectations! I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend this shop. The packaging was environmentally friendly and my order arrived quickly! 🧂💕✨💫🕯️

Witch's Garden Ritual Tea, 30 Cups | Connect with Nature's Magick
Kimberly Hasselbring (El Puerto de Santa María, ES)
Looks great.

I bought this for my adult daughter, so I’ll have to let you know once she received the tea. But first impression is it’s packaged very nicely and arrived in a very timely manner. Thank you!

Tree to be Planted
Palmer (Austin, US)
Love that this option exists!

Easy way to help make a difference in the world. Thank you for offering it.

Smell is delicious

Omg i love this spray. I spread all over my house and makes me feel free. 1 bottle is not enough for me.


I was absolutely delighted when I opened my box of herbs! Loved the selection of herbs to choose from and appreciated the wealth of knowledge shared on the website. Already used some for a purification herbal incense and the quality of the herbs is great. Will be buying from here again!

Love these beautiful candles. You sure will notice the beautiful scent as it is very relaxed and warm scent.

Just addicted to this Prosperity spray. I use it all over my sheets,curtains and front door.

Loved these beautiful Candles. Must have in your house as it gives a lovely vibe to your home. I haven’t received my blessing prayer card. I had ordered 3 sets of these Candles.

I loved loved the Candles. Packaging was exceptional. Loved the positive vibes when I light these beautiful candles.would definitely buy more!!!

Really cool

The Mini Ganesha Statue I purchased is really cool.I like the shiny gold color and it looks good on my mantle.I am very happy with my purchase for sure.

Mojo Wishing Beans, Set of 7 | St. Joseph Natural Talisman, Good Luck
William Brashear (Port Richey, US)

Mojo Wishing Beans, Set of 7 | St. Joseph Natural Talisman, Good Luck

Tree to be Planted
Justin Lamb (Reno, US)
Really Happy

I am really happy about the tree being planted.Green Witch Living has done and is doing an excellent job of everything.Thank you Green Witch Living.